As probably has been said on almost every medium out there, I’m not usually one to get involved in politics. In fact, I generally hate the subject. To me, it’s akin to watching a bunch of 15 year olds fight over whose cock is the biggest. And to think, I only named mine The Filibuster to be funny.

Amusingly in the same vein (ha!), we’ve seen this week how completely out of touch our representatives and government officials are with regard to internet security and privacy, what with Weiner’s wiener on the Twitter (a shoutout to @maverynthia for the phrase), and the successful phishing campaign on Gmail to get passwords.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fairly sure any 12 year old could have spotted something in that email or the site it linked to that would have tipped them off that something was awry. And while the jury is still out on whose bulge is pictured and where it came from, let us apply Occam’s Razor.

Ha, ha! Manscaping.

These elected (or appointed) officials are supposed to be representing us, our interests, and what we believe is important. And personally, I find basic use of computers and internet important, nay, necessary here in the twenty-first century.

As a proud member of the pioneering internet generation, when the people who are representing me are duped by classic social engineering, it’s absolutely infuriating. How is anyone surprised that we feel completely disconnected from their world?

Sending things across the internet is not anonymous. It’s not all that difficult to track, at least to the point of determining if an email message is possibly fraudulent. Get with the program: you’re dealing with national and international security; the safety of billions. Not some company’s patent on a juicer.

To me, this signals the complete inability of our leaders to function in the world as is, and worse, accurately represent us in government – the job we’re paying them to do. They don’t understand technology, they don’t understand privacy (or lack thereof), and they don’t understand simple scams.

Or are we waiting for the Nigerian prince to repay us the million bucks from the thousand we sent him so we can finally begin to pay off our deficit?

Disclaimer: Title clearly stolen from the excellent movie, Idiocracy